Building Works

C2C Construction specializes in high-end residential housing, commercial buildings and industrial factories. In short… We do all types of projects.

We also specialize in alternative building solutions.  They say going green is the future therefore we pride ourselves to stay up to date with all the latest building solutions out there. From ISO panelling, to Lights weight steel housing. We can also recommend an architect and engineering consultant for your specific project, or manage the project on your behalf.

Alternative building solutions


Koi Ponds

Our Pro-active approach ensures that we:

  • Achieve and maintain our goal of zero incidents / accidents
  • Develop a Health & Safety Culture through continuous training and awareness
  • Monitor and maintain competent supervision of employees as per our safety standards and legislative requirements
  • Create a hazard and risk culture climate which will be enhanced through continuous discipline, communication, planning and leadership.
  • Comply with Risk Management principals
  • Identify and control hazards and risks to our employees, sub-contractors and any staff of our Clients.
  • Continuously comply with the OHS Act and Regulations, other required legislation, Policies and Safe Work Procedures.
  • Continuously define accountability and responsibility by monitoring performance against set targets and objectives.
  • The Directors and Management C2C Holdings are driven by quality assurance and safety compliance and have clear and efficient systems in place to ensure that all policies and procedures are implemented to achieve our Health & Safety goals and objectives.